The Best Mortgage CRM Software

CRM software is used for customer relationship management purposes. Not all customers are the same. Customers usually vary from person to person and industry to industry. The mortgage industry deals with a vast number of customers almost on a day-to-day basis. Managing the activities of all these customers isn’t easy. That’s where the best mortgage CRM software comes in handy. Here are some tips to consider when buying the best mortgage CRM software on the market.

Mortgage (mortgage customer relationship management) CRM software helps the mortgage professionals to run their front-end operations. Mortgage professionals need to maintain timely client follow-up to retain the customers in the long run. Given the competition in the industry, they need to focus on customer acquisition and manage the lifecycle of the acquired customer to take their business to the next level. That’s where mortgage customer relationship management software comes in handy. There are many important features to look for when shopping for the best mortgage software on the market. Here are some of the important features to look for.

. Integration with loan management platforms – The CRM software should ideally integrate with the current loan-originating software (LOS) of the business. This will let the lender view loan reports on-demand and track loans. They also will be able to synchronize important data with a few clicks. When both these platforms are integrated, the lender can easily access the contact information, email, phone history, and loan information of each customer.

. Event alerts – This feature will remind the lender of important upcoming events. Most systems come with a news update application to offer the most up-to-date information to the lender.

. Referral marketing – This feature lets the lender send targeted messages to their referral partners and clients. It helps the lender stay afloat in such a competitive market. It also helps reward client and partner loyalty in the long run.

. Regulation compliance – It is important for the lender to stay abreast with the new regulations and compliance issues in the industry. This will let them stay ahead of the competition in the industry. Some software systems will let the lender conduct his operations in line with the regulations of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Here are some of the best CRM software on the market today.

Floify – This software system is designed for mortgage professionals and loan originators. This is the industry’s leading point-of-sale solution to date. It streamlines the loan process by offering secure communication and document portal between the lender, other mortgage stakeholders, and borrowers. Plans start at $29 a month.

Unify mortgage CRM – This is a comprehensive contact management system for the entire mortgage industry. It provides integrated features and functions that are essential to streamlining the sales process and increasing profitability of the company. This software system is easy to use, visible, consistent and helps improve all aspects of the customer journey.

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